Holle Organic Infant Follow On Formula 2 600 g


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    Around the age of six months, your baby will probably start weaning. But milk will still be their main drink and a key source of nourishment. Cows’ milk is fine to use in cooking, but government guidelines say you shouldn’t use it as your baby’s main drink until 12 months. If you care about food quality, you want to choose the healthiest, most natural follow-on milk you can – and that’s Holle Organic infant Follow-on Formula 2.
    At this crucial time, your baby needs additional nutrition to support their growth and a more active lifestyle. if their hunger can’t be satisfied with Holle Formula 1, Formula 2 Follow-on Milk can be used from six months to one year, either in combination with breast milk or as part of a mixed weaning diet.
    Holle Infant Follow-on Milk is 100% free from gluten, wheat, soya and has no added sugar, fish oil and GM ingredients. For your baby’s healthy development, none of the Holle baby milks have added fluoride. It’s easy for your baby to digest – and it tastes great! Preparation is quick and easy – just add boiled water.
    Holle Organic Follow-on Milk is produced from 99% organic ingredients plus vitamins and minerals (which are required by law). Holle only sources from local farms, so all the milk used comes from a trusted, known origin. Each farm raises its cows in a natural, caring environment where they are free to graze in organic fields cultivated according to modern biodynamic principles – in tune with nature and completely without chemicals. And because Holle Formula 2 is made with such high-quality milk, its nutritional value is unbeatable.
    If you care about your baby’s food and you need a formula milk to satisfy your hungry baby, Holle Organic Infant Formula 2 is the only follow-on milk you should consider.
    Instant preparation
    Use as part of a mixed diet while weaning
    Free from soya, fish oil and gm ingredients
    Easy to digest and great taste
    Organic milk from cows raised biodynamically in switzerland

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