‘COLIC SOX’ (Reflexology Colic Socks) 0-3 mths and beyond


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    Reflexology baby socks 0-3 months, showing reflex points on the sock to be worked over to help with settling baby’s digestive system. Also helping baby to relax and to induce sleep. Product developed and written by a qualified Reflexologist who specialises in working with babies. You are buying her METHOD of working.
    Colix Sox are an alternative (non-invasive) way to treat baby from the comfort of your own home using Reflexology. This treatment is holistic and helps baby with symptoms of Colic pain, Constipation & Trapped wind; it will help to relax baby & calm baby tears, which will result in a happier, more content baby.
    This treatment benefits the nervous system, restoring balance on internal organs and muscle functions of the body. This, in turn, helps to calm and balance the digestive system.
    This product is easy to use, as the ‘Method’ and ‘Techniques’ supplied with this product have been written by a qualified Reflexologist. Just pop the socks onto your baby’s feet and follow the ‘Techniques and Instructions’ provided.
    This product can be used beyond 3 months as some babies suffer with digestive complaints right up to being 4-6 months old (Please note sock is stretchable)
    Helps to improve Mummy & Baby Bonding (INSTRUCTIONS IN ENGLISH ONLY)

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