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    The Baby Bjorn Active Mesh provides vital closeness between you and your baby. The Carrier ensures that the baby is always in the correct postition and features an adjustable and stable head support. This can be folded down allowing an older baby to be carried while facing outwards. The sliding buckle on the baby seat makes the seat adjustable for a growing baby.Not only is the Active Mesh comfortable for your baby, it is comfortable for you too! It is easy to take on and off and it’s so simple to alter it so that it’s right for you because all adjustments are made from the front. The carrier can also be opened from the front which allows the parent to lift a sleeping baby out without waking them. The back plate provides comfortable support for your lower back adn the padded shoulder straps distribute baby’s weight evenly over your back and shoulders.The Baby Bjorn Active Mesh is made from a breathable mesh fabric which wicks away heat and moisture and it is also discreet and comfortable if you are breast-feeding.

    From newborn (3.5kgs) to 12 kgs. Perfect for use indoors and out.

    Can be used from 8 lbs/ 3.5 kgs upto 26 lbs/12kgs
    Comfortable lower-back support and wide, padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort.
    The head support can be folded down so that your older baby can face forward
    Older children can be carried facing forwards
    Shapes itself to the growing baby

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