Arose Thai Luxury Herbal Aromatic Hot & Cold Therapy Pillow / Comfort Cushion


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    Our unique fragrantly aromatic herbal blend not only smells wonderful & features aromatherapy benefits, but each ingredient has its own special healing properties. Organic Jasmine Rice: used in hot compresses as a medium for absorbing and maintaining heat. Mint: a natural stimulant, with anti-bacterial properties, used medicinally as an effective heart tonic. Ginger: highly energising with active blood circulation benefits. Lemon Balm: a herbal relaxant with sedative properties, it induces calm and serenity. Lemon Grass: particularly noted for relieving pain, tension and stiffness, it acts as a natural de-sensitizer. Wan-Sao-Long: the hero of our unique and exotic blend, it has an enticing sensual scent and possesses powerful antiseptic properties. The Legend of Wan-Sao-Long: Literally translated, Wan-Sao-Long means “The herb that intimates ladies”. It is an indigenous and rare Thai herb which only grows in very limited areas in Thailand. Ancient Thai folklore claims that before the existence of perfume, men always carried Wan-Sao-Long with them so that the powerful aromatic smell would attract females and intoxicate them to fall in love. It is also believed that Wan-Sao-Long is the tree of luck and prosperity; because it is so uncommon, it will only grow with the lucky or prosperous persons. Our own organic Wan-Sao-Long farm is located in the remote North-East of Thailand.
    1.HEATED: Heat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes to release soothing aromas and moist aromatic heat. Relax & enjoy 45+ minutes of deep muscle-relaxing therapy to relieve stress, ease pain, soothe sore/tense muscles and bring relaxation to the whole body. 2.CHILLED: Cool in the freezer for up to 3 hours and use for soothing relief from headaches, fever, sunburn, swollen joints, strains/sprains, hot flashes, inflammation.
    A new luxury spa range of organic microwaveable thermo- aromatherapy pillows. Reusable & long lasting, filled with a specially formulated fragrant blend of 5 herbs they are delicately fragranced with a comforting, soothing aroma.
    Designed for multi-purpose use, the flat pillow 50cm x 13.5cm is suitable for use on most body areas as a holistic way to relax or numb painful muscles, ease pains, strains and general discomfort, relieve stress, tension or to enhance relaxation.
    > Made from 100 % natural herbs, no chemicals added > Fabric is 100 % unbleached, untreated cotton > Aromatic healing scents and refreshing > Re-usable 50 – 80 times. > Hot and Cold application. > Easy to use: heat in microwave or chill in freezer > Longer life: products are kept in aluminium foil with zip lock to get rid of moisture and retain the scent.
    The subtle therapeutic weight of the herb filled pillow placed across a tender or inflamed area will gently relax muscles and create evenly distributed mild acupressure on sore points to alleviate multiple symptoms.
    The herbal pack is presented in a gorgeous cotton drawstring pouch and can even be used in the wardrobe to refresh you laundry with it’s delightful fragrance. Beautifully presented in top quality gift box packaging, they make a wonderful, thoughtful gift for friends and family.

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