Amber Necklace – sizes from 40 to 60cm – 100% Genuine Raw Baltic Amber Beads – Adult Men Women – Authentic Curative Adornment – Packed in Organza Gift Bag MLT.U50


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  • Description

    This very nice amber necklace is made from raw unpolished high grade Baltic Amber. Each bead is 100% Baltic Amber and varies in size, color, and shape. The length of the necklace varies slightly as well. Hand-crafted by Lithuanian Amber experts with generations of experience.

    1.Handmade from 100% Authentic Baltic Amber. Guaranteed!

    2.Screw barrel clasp and knotted between each bead to prevent scattering if broken

    3. Great quality. We just do it better!

    4.Packed in Organza gift bag

    5. Mark of authenticity with every item

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    Product specification

    Weight:12-15 gr

    Length: 50-55cm

    Does Amber color have any impact on healing effect?

    All colours are equally good and effective. There is a small difference between raw and polished Amber. Only Pure Raw amber remain its maximum healing properties as it contains more succinic oils. However Polished Amber is valued for its durability and nice see-through looks. It still contains enough succinic oil to be used as a natural healing remedy.


    Necklace: Please measure the neck in centimetres and select the correct size, ensuring it is not too tight.

    About us

    We are an online amber retail specialist. We love design and gather beautiful amber jewellery collections to sell online. With every single sale we build our reputation as a trustworthy partner. We care about the success of our online business, which results in outstanding product quality and excellent customer service. Our goal is to become your favorite online amber retailer.

    Mark of Authenticity comes with every item. Handmade from 100% Authentic Baltic Amber – renown and most valuable amber in the world!
    This necklace is made of Raw High Grade multicolor amber beads. Promise best Quality & Price ratio on the market!
    Quality High Grade amber is not cheap. Avoid cheap offers – it’s probably pressed amber, copal or even fake!!
    Favorite & Trustable: buy from leading producer & online retailer of curative amber beads in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain.
    Packed in our own made Organza gift bag and arrives ready to give as a gift! Fast Dispatch within 24 hours/ 6 days a week + Easy smooth returns.

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